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First you have to buy a test voucher. Navigate to the products page and select your product. It will be added to a shopping basket. Change the quantity or add another product. When you are ready, proceed to the payment confirmation page. Confirm that your billing details are correct. Proceed to final confirmation and select 'Pay Now'. Enter your details on the secure PayGate site. After payment authorisation, you will see either the successful payment or payment failure page with a reason. If successful, you can use the voucher to do a test or email the test to someone else.

No, all you need is a voucher number to enter after selecting 'Do a test now' button on the home page. Or if you have received an invitation via email, you can use the link to navigate to the test.

A voucher can only be used once. Remember that it represents a monetary amount and if the test is done the value has been provided by Tall Trees. So do not share your voucher around as the first person to take the test becomes the owner. Please contact support if you experience problems in this regard.

If an error occurs, please navigate back to the start of your test where you can start over.

Your bank probably has a security rule about transacting in African countries or your security pin code took too long to process. Please use the PayPal option which should solve your problem.

If you have not paid for your test you need to do so before you will receive your report. Once you have paid for and completed your test you will receive an e-mail with a link to download your report. If you did not receive this e-mail or cannot find the e-mail - you need to 'SIGN IN' on the website, using your e-mail address and the password you chose. Once signed in you will see your name in a purple box on the top right hand corner of the website. Click on your name to open your profile. Download your report from there.

Once you have created an account - by SIGN UP and completing your profile, you will be able to SIGN IN and you will find your name in a purple block in the top right hand corner of the page. Click on your name to open your profile.

If you have not paid for your test you need to do so before you will receive your report. Once you have paid for and completed your test you will receive an e-mail with a link to download your report. If you did not receive this e-mail or cannot find the e-mail - you need to 'SIGN IN' on the website, using your e-mail address and the password you chose. Once signed in you will see your name in a purple box on the top right hand corner of the website. Click on your name to open your profile. Download your report from there.

Once you have created a profile by SIGN UP, you will be able to SIGN IN. Use your e-mail address and the password you chose to sign in. Your name will appear in a purple block in the top right hand corner of the website - this will be conformation that you are signed in. Click on your name to open your profile.

After sign in, go to your account page by selecting your name in the top right corner menu. Step 1: Go to Tests tab en select the Assign Voucher button next to your test. Step 2: Select voucher from the list and select Update. Step 3: Select View Report next to your test.

Buy a voucher and go to your account by selecting your name in upper right corner of the top menu. Select Unassigned vouchers tab en select New Test button. Complete the other person's information and email and select Proceed. Go to your account page and select Tests tab. Select Send Invitation and an email with test link will be sent.

The reason your error page is popping up is because your session settings have been scrambled. The best way to proceed is to clear your browsing data associated to this website. For Chrome, go into Settings and under Privacy select 'Clear Browsing Data'.

Look for the chapters about your “Tree Type.” Are you a combination? If you’re a Pine-Palm, read the Chapters about the Palm Tree Mom and the Pine Tree Mom, as well as the special section about Pine-Palm Moms in the chapter about The (un)Natural Moms from Elsewhere. If you have three trees in your result, you will be called a Contra-Rose, Contra-Palm,Contra-Boxwood or Contra-Pine. "Contra" in this case means "Everything but". I am a Contra-Pine. I am Rose, Boxwood and Palm Tree, everything but Pine. Pine trees are my opposite. So I will read the chapters about the three types of trees that are in my mixture, as well as the combinations that don't have Pine Tree in them, in the (un)Natural Moms from Elsewhere chapter. It is best to read all the chapters in order to understand the moms around you too.

You probably have more than one test on the system and will have to apply your paid test voucher to the test you prefer. Sign in, select 'Assign Voucher' on the test. A test update page will show. Select your voucher from the drop-down list and select 'Update'. Your test report is now available at 'View Report'. Please contact support to assist if you encounter any problems.

Look under the FAQ section for Parents for some FAQs regarding the Kids Test, and feel free to email us if your questions are still unanswered.

We have training events throughout the year. Please check the calendar on our Workshop page for a training event near you and register to attend. If you'd just like more information about what the training entails, click on the Facilitator Tab at the top of the landing page and then on "Interested in becoming a Tall Trees Facilitator." We'll email you all you need to know!

Tall Trees Profiles is based in South Africa, and we work around the globe. We use a hybrid of American and British spelling. We have two acceptable forms for many words: fertiliser and fertilizer are both accepted in South African English. We use only the "ou" option in words like colour and behaviour, though if you feel we've broken our own rules, please let us know, and we'd happily refer your suggestion to our language guru.

Tall Trees Profile Tests are NOT psychometric tests. They are not fit for use in measuring IQ, abilities or psychological pathology. The profiles have, however, been developed with proper methodology commonly used in the development of human science measuring tools, and the team keeps improving the tests based on ongoing research. Tall Trees Tests are personality or style profiles, as they measure behavioral preferences across a range of contexts. Questions regarding the methodology can be directed to Hettie Brittz, our Head of Profile Development at

Tall Trees Profiles and the accompanying workshops have been used in HR, marriage preparation and counselling, parent-teen counselling, school leadership selection and training, parenting seminars, conflict resolution in companies, team selection, personal growth and life-coaching, general counselling and career planning. Feel free to scan through our list of trained facilitators for a facilitator who shares your field of interest. They will be happy to explain the benefits they have reaped from adding Tall Trees Profiles to their toolbox!

Research has shown that test fatigue (which adversely affects test accuracy) kicks in faster than we always thought: after as little as 5 minutes for people with lower literacy levels and after 10 minutes for those with high literacy levels. Keeping tests shorter has a benefit that outweighs the advantage of repetitive items that are supposed to serve as controls. Control items can be used in the development phase of a test by doing correlation studies on a much longer test, and then eliminating those test items that are predictable. Proportional calculations by the algorithms used also lend more sophistication to the test in spite of its seeming simplicity.

When we understand the differences between family members, we become more tolerant. We realize that the conflict we experience is not because somebody WANTS to be difficult; it's simply the result of legitimate differences that can be explored in positive ways. During a Tall Trees parenting session, marriage workshop or parent-and-teen workshop, you will have the opportunity to discuss relationship challenges with parents just like you, and your family members will share their experiences with people of the same "tree type as them". There will also be the opportunity to practice communication that works better and to find out how to love one another in ways that count! In every report the section called "fertilizer" give us practical ways to serve one another and to work on intimacy, understanding and trust. Please visit the Workshop Page to find workshops especially for families.

You will need to have a copy of the complete book - either printed or in ebook format. The questions are in categories. Those that are about each tree type, can be answered by visiting the relevant chapter and scanning the headings. The answer will be near or at the top of each section, for example: If you are asked about the names of family members, it will be right at the beginning where we introduce you to every type of mom. If your question is about a mom's first step to becoming a (super)Natural Mom, it will be under the heading about that type of mom's first step to becoming a (super)Natural Mom. If you still struggle, please contact us with your access question, and we'd be happy to provide you with the answer.

Our personality style preferences determine many aspects of behaviour, including our parenting. From styding and interviewing many parents over the years, we've seen that predictable patterns emerge. Some parents do parent contrary to their nature, of course. This makes parenting exhausting! Discovering how to use your natural parenting strengths for the better, makes for much more joy and an authentic example worth following.

We had two options - make the book pricey to include the profile report, which is quite expensive to develop online, OR make the book really affordable and complete, but include a $10 discount on an optional report. We think looking in your book for the answer and being given a $10 gift in return for finding it, is a good deal, don't you? We want to be sure that only readers like you, who purchased the book, have the benefit of this gift. We are, however, happy to help if you struggle to track down an answer. Please contact us if you have any difficulty.

You can read the chapters about every tree mentioned in your report. Eg, if you are a Contra-Boxwood, you will read the sections on Pine Tree, Rose Bush and Palm Tree. There is also a chapter called 'Moms of all over' that will be of value to you!

The Tall Trees Kids Test and the Growing Kids with Character book is a project done jointly with David C Cook, the USA publisher of Hettie Brittz's books. They subsidize kids test codes for all who have purchased the book. The test development of a product like this is super expensive. We wish it weren't and that we were able to give it to EVERYONE for free!

You will save a lot of money by buying the Growing Kids with Character book once, as it contains a code for one free test, and all of the answers to the questions that will unlock an unlimited number of drastically discounted Kids Profile Tests. The book is often on special on Amazon. Make sure you buy the paper copy, as the e-book will not contain this special benefit!

The Tall Trees Kids Test was only tested with children from age 3 through 12, and is most reliable for kids from 4 to 11. Our Tall Trees Leadership Profile for teens is perfect for kids of 12 years and older and gives a much more complete report!

Once you have completed the Tall Trees Facilitator training and passed the accreditation exam you may send an email to support and we will notify your facilitator profile has been activated.

Select 'Manage Groups' on the View Group section on your facilitator page. Create a group and save. To add members to your group, go to facilitator page and select test to 'update' or allocate a new voucher to a test. Select the group and save the test.

You may update the test information if the test has not been completed. After completion, the test information stays the same. Please note that you can not transfer a teenage to an adult test or vice versa.

After selecting a *.png or *,jpg file with a size of 250kb or less, please remember to select the update button in order to keep the file.

If you 'click' on the 'report available to client'-button when you load your client - the client will be able to access his report once it is completed. Should you only want to share his report in a workshop please select 'I will send the report manually'.

The answer is that your browser (usually Internet Explorer or Firefox) cached the error page you got previously. Please clean out the cache using the following links: Internet Explorer: Firefox: Chrome:

Make very sure that the e-mail address entered for your client is correct. There should be no spaces before or in the e-mail address. If the address is correct but the client still receives no mail, ask them to look in their spam/junkmail folder - it may be there.

Please contact the office for information on the Tall Trees Rewards Program - you may be eligible too!

Your client has not used the link provided in the invitation email but used the "Do A Test Now" button. The client test is therefore unpaid and the web will ask for payment and a TT account. The best way to resolve this to let the client redo the test on the oroginal correct link.