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I am married to André and we have two lovely daughters, Eldré and Anrie. This is my calling and passion, to enable people to grow into the fullness of their being, and for each person to discover their unique, inborn leadership style. Marcel Proust said: "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." This is the gift I want to give/teach each individual, parent, teen, spouse and even little one – to learn to encounter, see, understand and appreciate the other’s unique soul. To take responsibility and investing in getting knowledge and using that true understanding of their own and other’s soul, to tailor-make the approach to each and every one of their relationships. Like Albert Einstein said: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Investing to learn new tools and getting live- and relationship changing knowledge starts here. The Tall Trees Leadership Profile will not box you in, it simply gives you an indication of what box you originally came from.

1. Marriage/Relationship enrichment workshops: Insight gleaned from a Tall Trees Profile helps couples develop a stronger and lasting bond. Each partner can use the others' as a 'love manual' as it supplies practical ways of caring for each other. Judgement and misunderstandings grow into respect and appreciation. Partners become each other’s biggest supporters on the road to personal and interpersonal growth 2. Parent/Adult- and Teen workshop: From conflict to closeness! The family should be a heaven for parents and children alike. Unfortunately home is often the rocky shore where relationships run aground. The Tall Trees Profiles for adults help parents understand their own parenting style, frustrations, needs and areas of growth. Putting their profile next to that of their child supplies answers to questions such as: Why can we never address our conflict constructively? Which of her strengths am I missing? What in my approach as a parent can harm my child? Who is my teen becoming? 3. Personal Growth workshop: Growth isn't always change - sometimes it means becoming more of what you already are. We believe that people should grow in character, steadfastness, satisfaction and fulfilment without becoming someone different. Self-knowledge, confirmation of where you belong and where you can make your greatest contribution, are essentials for progress in life.