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The VALUE that I wish to add to every person that crosses my path can be summed up so beautifully in a statement that Preston Smiles made: "Take care of your people, and your people will take care of you". I wish to not only touch lives by coaching them to look after other people, but also to enable them to really look after themselves. Your cup needs to be overflowing in order for you to make an impact on the people around you. If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got. I believe the key to greater success lies in the understanding of the individuals on our payroll, the partner's we said "I-do" to and the tiny human beings we bring into this life, and investing in using that true understanding of their soul to tailor-make our approach to each and every one of those relationships. Investing in getting to know those wonderfully unique souls in your life starts here. The Tall Trees Profiles leadership profile will not box you in, it simply gives you an indication of what box you originally came from.

1. Corporate Leadership: A series of workshops focusing on: 'Different Leadership Styles', 'Communication & Conflict', 'Productivity & Positive Culture' & ''Tall' Teams'. 2. Marriage/Relationship Enrichment: Insight gleaned from a Tall Trees Profile helps couples develop a stronger and lasting bond. Each partner can use the others' as a 'love manual' as it supplies practical ways of caring for each other. Judgement and misunderstandings grow into respect and appreciation. Partners become each others biggest supporters on the road to personal and interpersonal growth. 3. Personal Growth: A workshop that takes a deeper look into the different leadership styles and how each of us can apply this in our daily lives to become successful.