Leona Terblanché

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I believe that everyone has an inner DESIGN particular to himself - we have an inborn "blue-print" that determines how we act, feel, think and communicate. Through Tall Trees you will find out why you are the way you are and learn to appreciate the differences in others, thereby building healthy relationships. I believe that we should not take life so seriously, - laugh at your own mistakes, have grace for others, love unconditionally, start fresh every day. Do an assessment and learn to like yourself and those around you.

1. Corporate Leadership Workshops: Understand each person; maximise the team. Leadership Profiles, Cultural Diversity, Change Management, Team Building … 2. Family Workshops: Getting along; growing together. Marriage workshops, Parent and Teen Workshops, Profiles, Counselling and Family Support 3. Teens: It takes all types to change the word! Leadership Profiles, School Programmes, Workshops.