Rebekah Cisney

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In Johnson City, TN I have the honor and privilege of working in full-time ministry with an organization called LXI. Based on the truth of Isaiah 61, we spend our lives on behalf of a broken generation to be made new. In my role, I spend much of my time developing Youth Empowerment and Outreach efforts in a myriad of ways. During my time with students each week, we focus on spiritual formation, realistic vocational vision, leadership development, and preparing for adulthood all through the lens of the Gospel. Tall Trees Leadership Profile for Teens paves the road for eye-opening personal discovery and depth of conversation. In all areas of my life, I love to watch and help facilitate individuals growth.

Tall Trees Leadership Profile for Teens (walking through the profile, organizing workshops and exercises based on each piece of their profile, helping to guide teens through growth plans and implementing their plans into action.)