Allison Joubert

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I am a Teacher, a Futurist and a Tall Trees Facilitator who truly believes that all Trees are Tall Trees. Given the correct guidance and nurturing, we can become the best version of ourselves. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand where Tall Poppy Syndrome sometimes prevents people from growing into all that they can be. I am a counter-culture revivalist who sees the potential in people. My role is to help people Embrace, Explore, Explain and Expand their intrinsic greatness.

I work closely with adults and teens to develop leadership profiles which allow them to recognise and develop core competencies. We also use the profiles to create powerful parenting interventions. By understanding yourself and your child, we empower you to change the fundamental dynamics which are hindering your family's healthy growth. My goal is to strengthen the community by building powerful relationships based on the clear understanding and valuing of self and others.