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If you know who your God is, and what He is capable of doing in your life, and you know who you areā€¦then most relationships can fall into place. Life is all about relationships. To know yourself and to grow in your relationship with God, is not always easy. But with Tall Trees, you can grow spiritually and emotionally. It is worth the investment and definitely worth the time. Relationship building and self-knowledge in all categories of life, parents and children, marriages or corporate, plays a vital role in my motivation of being a Tall Trees Facilitator. As a teacher and Career Direct Consultant, I know the impact that Knowing en living out your identity can have on relationships. I believe that we all need to be able to know ourselves and the people we connect with every day, to be able to treat them with respect and love. Tall Trees Training provides the tool to help anyone to deal with emotional and spiritual conflict. My focus is not just to help families, but to help individuals to know their identity IN Christ and to make a difference in the world.

I have a passion for leadership development and any group-workshop, from teenagers to couples and family workshops. Corporate or private. School leadership development is one of my specialties.