Wetenskaplike gee groen lig

Ons en ongeveer 80 van ons agente het die afgelope naweek met Brenda Myburgh se hulp ons Tall Tree profiele gedoen. ALmal het dit ongelooflik positief ervaar en ekself het so lekker gelag (vir myself) en vir die akkuraatheid van my sier-roos profiel. Die materiaal is eenvoudig, dog baie effektief uiteengesit; absoluut heerlik om te verwerk. Tweedens, wil ek julle gelukwens met julle verteenwoordiger in Brenda Myburgh. Sy is absoluut awesome! Mens kan heeldag na haar luister en sy is 'n uitstekende "teacher" en meer nog, gelowige. Ons word gebless met goeie mense wat oor ons pad gestuur word. Tall trees is een van daardie kere, want ek kon sien wat dit vir ons agente beteken...

A nursing sister's view

Oh my word! Me to a T! I knew I was not lost and my profile confirms that I am in my dream job. You know the one we keep praying for but never get to..... I am living it and loving it. I have the unique opportunity of preparing new parents and then guide them to an understanding of their infant with breastfeeding, family planning, well baby clinics and immunisations thrown in. Then to top it off I get to do some counselling for Post Partum Depression, HIV, Fertility problems and family issues. No wonder I have such fun! Thank you so much for the chance to do my profile. I am now more eager than ever to do one of the courses.


Aanvanklik het van die personeel voorbehoude gehad oor die Tall Trees-kursus, maar die terugvoering na afloop van die kursus was oorweldigend positief. Personeellede het die inhoud van die kursus baie geniet en het geweldig baie van hulself en hul kollegas geleer. Dit is ook 'n baie nuttige instrument vir my as skoolhoof om onderwyspersoneel effektief te bestuur en hulle beter te verstaan. Die wyse waarop die fasiliteerder, mev. Naudine Adaimi, die kursus aangebied het, het beslis bygedra tot die sukses daarvan.

Why I want to be a Tall Trees Facilitator

The Tall Trees Facilitator Training enabled me to not just better understand myself, but also those around me. It gave me a tool to impact lives and help people. The group dynamic of the training was great! Everyone felt loved and understood, because we were all made conscious of our differences and how we can love those who differ from us more effectively. This training is a MUST DO for all!! My next bucket list item is the Evergreen Facilitator Training.

How Tall Trees impact teen's lives

I was introduced to TTLP a couple of years ago and even though I did not know it at the time, the unique way that it explained my "complex" personality was a start to dealing with a lot of personal things/issues that I just did not understand. This became even more valuable later on when I realised how much children without fathers lack identity and how brilliantly this programme can help them with that. I love the training and feel that every person should make the investment to get their profile done, every company or business should invest in this to get a better understanding of their employees and have a better workforce - which will ultimately lead to a better society.

Tall Trees Corporate workshops make a difference

I believe that Tall Trees Profiles can make a difference in companies. Richard Branson tweeted on leadership: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to. If you look after your staff, they'll look after your customers. It's that simple”. Today employees do not only want a good salary or bonus at the end of the year, but an employee will be motivated and stay loyal where he/she feels valued. This is where Tall Trees Profiles can make a difference – to make sure that the relationship between employee and employer is healthy, by applying the Tall Trees Profiles philosophy that every person can flourish if ‘planted’ in the right place and is given enough ‘fertilizer’.

Tall Trees Profiles made me look at others differently

Tall Trees Profiles Facilitator training gave me the opportunity to look at myself and others from a different perspective, but also confirmed that all of us can make a positive difference in many lives. The high quality of the training and products offered ensure that I will offer Tall Trees Profiles to my clients with confidence.

Confession from a psychologist

The Tall Trees Leadership Profile was very insightful. The creative manner in which the facilitator presented the workshop – often filled with humor ensured that valuable information was shared in an unforgettable manner. This workshop was the beginning of a journey of self-discovery and in many ways life changing. For the first time I understand why my colleagues perceive me differently from my family. THIS WAS LIBERATING!!! My wish is that everyone – not only leaders – have a chance to experience what I did.

Employee's experience of a Tall Trees workshop

"Our Boss attended the Tall Trees Leadership Workshop and was so deeply impressed that he decided it was a must for all the other members of Management as well. Three of us then attended the workshop on his recommendation. Our experience was that, besides being lots of fun and getting to know yourself and others better, it is an ideal measuring tool to promote relationship skills and conflict management in both our working environments as well as our personal relationships outside the working sphere. The workshop equipped us with new insight in the functioning of our own person as well as the people that we work and/or live with. And to my opinion, with better people skills, any environment can be converted into a happier less hostile atmosphere for all! Definitely worth the while!"

Young black entrepreneur embraces growth

Thank you so much for the report. I am so amazed about how true it is, this is certainly a great form of analysis. I have learnt so much about myself and am slowly growing confident into the person I am and most importantly , the person I am meant to be. LA Mangquku

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