Husband is motivated to work on his marriage

Things that I learned and that stood out for me from this Tall Trees Marriage course: - I learned a lot more about myself and know why I am thinking the way I am. As a Palm Tree, the nail was hit on the head by describing my character and I have learned how to nurture my weak points and strengthen my strong pionts according to God;s will for my life. - I have learned that my wife is not always just spitefull. Everything I like, she doesnt', everything I want, she may not. What makes me happy doesn't make her happy. We are extremely different but now we can start working on how to compromise to consider one another. It was amazing to realise that even though we are all so different in so many ways, we all have just as important a role in God's kingdom and no one is more important or better than the other. Most of all, I am motivated to pray for my wife and our marriage.

Best in Staff development

“Thank you so much for the 2 Wednesday presentations on the different “tree” personalities on the HSD staff! It was arguably one of THE best staff development sessions we have had at the school during the past 19 years (I have been here awhile…) Not only was it insightful but also YOUR special presentation style contributed to the effectiveness of the workshop!

Parent Profile in unNatural Mom

This mothering thing is hard, and it just doesn't come naturally to everyone. That's the message that Hettie Brittz, author of "(un)Natural Mom" wants you to know. As much as we'd like to be, we're not Super mom and we can't do everything. Our culture's understanding of motherhood is very different from what it actually is. One really neat thing this book includes is an online assessment test called Tall Trees Parenting Profile, which helps you determine what type of parenting style you have. Hettie Brittz helps moms understand their parenting type and realize that we don't have to fit in a single mold to be a mother. We're all unique with different traits! I think mothers of all ages and walks of life can relate to this book. Hettie shares her motherhood experiences...her triumphs and downfalls. She wants readers to know that no matter what, you are the perfect momma to your kiddos. I would highly recommend this book to all mothers! It should be required reading to becoming a mom!

I am impressed!

I just took the test and I must say that I was quite amazed. It was such a simple test that I was not expecting much. But the results were dead on accurate in almost every aspect— missed on only a few minor aspects. I found it very interesting and helpful to compare the various profiles— work vs social etc. Some aspects of my profiles are opposite from one another in ways that surprised me (team player vs independent is just one example)— but that is indeed mostly the way I am in different settings. And it was very well-written— you frequently captured the subtleties and inherent inconsistencies of human personality with insightful, multi-layered phrases. One of many: ‘You will work with a team rather than alone as you know achieving goals alone is worth less than achieving goals as a team.’ The complexity you are capturing in such a simple test is impressive and I am sure not easy to do.

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